Santa Fe Art Shows, Hunter Kirkland Contemporary Exhibitions

Opening Reception Friday June 16th, 5 - 7 PM
Show Dates: June 16 - July 2, 2017


Rick Stevens, Shinrin Yoku, (detail), oil on canvas, framed 50 x 50  inches, $11,800.

Rick Stevens' newest collection of paintings, "Loitering in Mystery", explores the enigma of existence through luminous color and a visual cadence that underlies the scenes he paints, like a throbbing heart or a pulsing vein that pumps life into an otherwise static entity.

Rick Stevens, Spell, oil on canvas, framed 50 x 44 inches, $10,500.

Stevens' abstracted landscapes are neither pure abstraction nor clear representation of the land, but rather something provocatively in between.

Rick Stevens, Dreaming Into Being, oil on canvas, framed 50 x 50 inches, $11,600.

"In nature, something can be both beautiful and disturbing," Stevens says. "When I paint I purposely create an awkward shape that incites chaos, then reimpose balance on the painting, because it opens me up. I don't know where the painting is going; it lives in a world of mystery and irrationality."