Santa Fe Art Shows, Hunter Kirkland Contemporary Exhibitions

Jennifer J. L. Jones Kachina Triptych

Life and death…action and reaction…ebb and flow…life moves in cycles and nature echoes those cadences. My work is increasingly inspired by the intrinsic rhythms of life. Changes in the world around me flow in and through my brush. External forces are internalized and spill back out as I paint. My brushstrokes mirror nature’s vibrations as soft pools of light peek through blossoming gardens, fiery fuchsias ignite crisp blues. Each painting becomes a reflection of the pattern in which I find myself at that moment the mood, the colors, the energy of each painting are as unique as the path I travel. These paintings are a part of me and part of everything. We are one rhythm.

Beauty is everywhere and as an artist I interpret that beauty, whether it is found in the grace of a falling leaf, the burnt edges of a flower, a kaleidoscope of cloud formations, a glass-topped lake, or millions of crushed shells along a stretch of beach. My work is both a physical manifestation of my experiences found in nature and the spiritual guidance therein. An expression of what is not only seen, but felt. Painting is for me, an intuitive process, each studio session becoming a form of meditation. Pushing ahead through process and paint, layers build symbolizing change, time, and growth. These layered glazes of color and mixed media create mood, atmosphere, and a vibration of energy unique to each viewer interacting with the final piece.

My travels shape my path as an artist and have led me to a true and authentic understanding of myself and the source of my muse. Learning to trust and remain open to a genuine place of inspiration and the changes brought with each sojourn. Every journey, relationship, and experience has sculpted my nature and provided a plethora of inspiration for my work.  As each series is created, this invisible thread creates a life-quilt, my work becomes a reflection of my own odyssey and an oracle through which the observer may glimpse their own pilgrimage.

More information on the May 2015 Jennifer J. L. Jones event at Hunter Kirkland Gallery on Canyon Road.