Susan Read Cronin

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  • croninbiofotoSusan Read Cronin – Sculptor

    Bronze Sculpture
    $3,000 to $12,000

    Susan Read Cronin commenced studying sculpture with noted sculptors Jane B. Armstrong and Walter Matia and in the mid-1990s, quickly developing a sense of the tradition and craft involved in working in bronze. Cronin works in her home studio in Manchester, Vermont, and fabricates her bronzes at foundries in Vermont and Massachusetts.

    In addition to mastering the compositional demands of traditional figural sculpture, Cronin has brought to her art a playful sense of humor which has remained at the core of the work in design and art throughout her career. In a world where most art is to be looked at and not touched, Cronin has a unique point of view. She seeks to engage and amuse the viewer of her art, and argues that art should be lived with, and even played with, as she often does herself when devising new compositions and groupings for her work.

    Susan Read Cronin first exhibited her bronze sculptures, in a solo exhibition at the Southern Vermont Art Center, in August – September, 2000. Prior to that, and subsequently, Cronin has included her playful bronze sculptures in numerous group exhibitions also held at the Southern Vermont Art Center, and at the prestigious Copley Society of Boston, where Cronin is a member. She has exhibited her work continuously at Hunter Kirkland Contemporary beginning in 2002.

    Susan Read Cronin was educated at The Madeira School, Greenway, Virginia, and is a graduate of Williams College (B.A., English), Williamstown, Massachusetts, where she claims to have developed her passion for art design because the reading was minimal and no papers were due. During the 1980s she founded and operated Suzo, a mail-order company that designed, manufactured and marketed costumes for children (Ms. Magazine named one of Cronin’s creations, Suzo’s Bat Cape, one of the 10 Best Toys of 1985). It was in the 1990s that Cronin began to study ceramics at the Frog Hollow Vermont State Craft Center, and sculpture with Armstrong and Matia and at The Carving Studio in West Rutland, Vermont.

$3,000 to $12,000