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    $4,000 to $11,500

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    Carlos Ramirez is a Cuban-born painter who was raised in Miami. He calls color a key factor in his life. “I believe part of that may be a result of being raised in the tropics,” he says. “Color is just part of my DNA.”
    Ramirez’ large-scale abstractions are serene and yet buoyant, tethered yet open, intuitive yet structured—closing the gap between the dualities that exist in both life and painting. For him, painting is both a balancing act as well as a dance, and watching him move back and forth between gesture and contemplation while engaged in the moment reflects this process.

    His strong connection with nature always guides his sensibility. His paintings are organic and ripe with a deeply sensitive connection to life.

    “I love the idea of bringing nature inside, but in an abstract way. Similar to how our memories work, when we have spent the day outside, we don’t often remember any particular flower, tree or color in detail, but we are left with a feeling of beauty and happiness generated from that experience. It is that feeling that I try to bring to the canvas.”
    Carlos Ramirez is also the founder of the couture bridal and eveningwear label Liancarlo. Line, color and shape are at the core of both his designs and paintings. They are not separate but have cohabited for many years—one being a natural outgrowth of the other.

$4,000 to $11,500