About Hunter Kirkland Contemporary

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Hunter Kirkland: A Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery

At Hunter Kirkland Contemporary, we take great pleasure in sharing the creations of our nationally recognized artists with visitors—newcomers to the art world and seasoned collectors alike. Our goal is helping art lovers build a relationship with us and with the artists themselves, personalizing the experience of buying art so that it’s congenial and interactive, never intimidating.

The contemporary works we offer encompass broadly diverse styles and mediums. They are produced by highly skilled artists who have spent many years honing their craft. Their dedication and work ethic are what make the difference between promising artists with talent and those truly exceptional artists whose work continues to push the boundaries of their mediums. They have been with the gallery for many years, and we take pride in presenting such highly evolved and original work.

Ranging from abstract expressionism to surrealism, from sculpture both monumental and miniature to paintings employing a variety of media and techniques, the art on display at Hunter Kirkland represents a level of excellence and creativity that has an impact on viewers’ lives in ways both subtle and specific. We believe that truly good art is timeless, irrespective of trends, providing a uniquely personal experience that can soothe or stimulate, excite and inspire. This is art you can live with; you will discover unexpected nuances and insights even after years of enjoying it.

We look forward to welcoming you to our contemporary art gallery to help you get to know our extraordinary roster of artists. If you can’t visit in person, just visit our website, then contact us by phone for assistance.

Nancy Hunter
Owner, Director