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Upcoming August exhibition featuring Charlotte Foust


Who:Charlotte Foust, Painter
What:Intersecting Forms
Where:Hunter Kirkland Contemporary, 200-B Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM
When:Opening Reception: Friday, August 11th, 5-7 PM
Exhibition continues through August 27th, 2017

Contact Information: Nancy Hunter, 505.984.2111,

There’s an almost musical quality to Charlotte Foust’s vivid abstractions, a combination of the artist’s voice and the paintings’ internal tempos that brings to mind a symphonic expression of spontaneity and joy. She begins each work with a few marks on canvas, then empties her mind and opens her heart to let the inspiration flow through her capable hands as she expresses deep emotion and high energy.

Augmented by textural brushstrokes and multiple layers of paint, the canvas seems to burst with a kinetic force that plays well with the softer, quieter moments and links the two moods in a visually exciting blending of opposites. The paintings thus chronicle her inner emotional journey while seducing us with their outward expression of optimism and excitement.

The black marks serve as a kind of framework that delineates the field without containing it, highlighting the sense of motion and underscoring the contrast between stillness and movement, surface and depth. The act of painting functions as a cathartic release of sentiment for the artist, and the resulting work evokes the same reaction in the viewer, transmuting turmoil and troubles into a celebration of life itself.

Digital images are available.

For more information please contact:

Nancy Hunter, Owner/Director
Additional digital images available on request