Archives: July 2017

Hunter Kirkland Contemporary, on Canyon Road, is celebrating its fifteenth year in the Santa Fe contemporary art community. Owner Nancy Hunter previously owned and directed Gallery North Star in Grafton and Stratton Mountain, Vermont. A few vacations in Santa Fe convinced her to move to the city of uncanny light and less snow.

Nancy sold her Vermont business, relocated and spent eight years working in various aspects of the Santa Fe art market. Encouraged by the ever-growing support for contemporary art in Santa Fe, she began assembling a group of professional painters and sculptors who would create a unique and compelling gallery stable. Nancy selected professional artists who represented a range of contemporary art visions and who had original expressions within their mediums. The artists at HKC, though diverse, all express depth and imaginative beauty, compassion and optimism. This is art that continues to inspire over a lifetime, and beyond.

In the planning stage, Nancy always felt that Canyon Road was the best location for the contemporary gallery she wanted to create. She appreciated the authentic history and sense of longevity inherent in the Canyon Road community.

The true joy of owning a contemporary gallery for fifteen years, she shares, is representing artists whose careers have grown and flourished over time. When viewing her artists’ work for the first time, she often knew they would have long, thriving careers together. That has proved true and been deeply gratifying. In fact, she cites her relationship with her artists as “the most interesting and valued part of being a gallerist.” Nancy has watched her artists gain acceptance, recognition, respect and collectability. “Nothing could give me greater satisfaction as a gallery owner,” she says.

Over the years Hunter Kirkland has developed a loyal following of clients who appreciate the gallery’s vision and the artistic evolution of its select and masterful artists. Looking to the future, Nancy imagines adding a few more artists to the stable and looks forward to continued success in the wonderful and supportive Santa Fe art community.

Gallery Artists: T Barny, Eric Boyer, Peter Burega, Susan Read Cronin, Charlotte Foust, Ted Gall, Gregory Frank Harris, Jennifer J.L. Jones, Michael Madzo, Carlos Ramirez, Rick Stevens, Laura Wait.

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