Archives: August 2015

Ted Gall and Charlotte Foust: Bronze and Steel Sculpture and Mixed Media on Canvas and Paper

The artistic stylings of sculptor Ted Gall and painter Charlotte Foust couldn’t be more different, but their work has in common a powerful emotional impact that leaves the viewer pondering hidden meanings and experiencing a sense of excitement.

Gall’s intricate, whimsical sculptures in bronze and steel bring an interactive element to an otherwise immobile art form, allowing us to literally see beyond the masks of his enigmatic characters and enjoy the same tactile pleasure that the artist himself derives from his work. The strong narrative thrust of Gall’s fanciful characters and situations invites us to attach our own personal meanings to the stories played out amid the odd juxtapositions and imaginative imagery. The sculptures’ movable parts and the energetic postures of characters engaged in mysterious activities bring a special dynamism to this work, and an almost dreamlike atmosphere pervades each of his highly detailed evocations of life’s mysteries.

Foust’s abstracted bursts of color and form pull the viewer into a vortex of energy. Amid the drama of her expansive brush strokes and bold palette we find moments of stillness that provide a number of entry points for interpreting the organic lines and marks that give the paintings structure and cohesion. She layers the paint and incorporates the textures of her surfaces into the overall work, imparting a sense of dimensionality and motion to the paintings while bringing a certain discipline that tames the raw emotion of the abstractions.

“I don’t try to analyze my feelings or my process,” says the artist. “I try to turn those things off when I paint, so that what emerges is an abstracted expression of all that I’m going through, all that the world is going through. Working this way lends itself to endless possibilities.”

Join us from 5-7 p.m. MST on Friday, August 7th for the opening event. For more information on the exhibit, go to